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Quick Clicks: Parenting News

The news you care about in 6 quick clicks: 

The CDC says that babies born through fertility treatments are at higher risk of certain types of birth defects, including septal heart defects and cleft palate. [CNN]

Since mid-September, 34 children – some as old as 17! -- have been abandoned at Nebraska hospitals under the "safe haven" law. [Time]

Smackdown: tweeting moms vs. Motrin.  The lesson? Nothing gets between a mama and her Ergo. [Forbes]

691,000 children went hungry in America sometime in 2007 – that's 50% more than the year before. [AP]

The Obama girls are touring Washington private schools -- Georgetown Day School and Sidwell Friends, Chelsea Clinton's alma mater, top the list.  [AP]

43% of adults who took part in a British poll think "something has to be done" to protect society from children and young people.  [The Times (UK)]