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The Real Wedding Vows of Orange County?

I was sick this week, which meant that I was stuck inside watching (amongst other horrible things,) several Real Housewives of Orange County marathons. I saw that episode where Vicki and Don renew their vows at least four times.

I always thought that vow renewals were so silly. And I don't know if you've been following the show, but Vicki has reported that Don "doesn't fill up her love tank" and they have been at war for several seasons. I was all ready to start rolling my eyes, but their vows were sort of sweet. They didn't beat around the bush.

"We have both made mistakes and I've tested your forgiveness," Don said. "But I'm grateful for your huge heart and my goal is to do the right thing and fill your heart with happiness. I'm honored to continue to be your husband."
Vikki followed up with, "We both have questioned our commitment but I'd like to start anew."

Then she whipped out this huge ring for Don and started bragging about how expensive it was and how difficult it was to design. But whatever. I was touched.

I started to wonder if maybe vow renewal ceremonies are more important than exchanging vows the first time. It's so easy to promise you will be there "'till death do us part" when you haven't been tested yet. Promising you’ll still be there even on the days when he doesn’t fill up the love tank? Now that’s commitment.

Would ever renew your vows? Now that you’re married, what do you think the real marriage vows should be?