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Recess, Then Lunch?

Classes. Lunch. Recess. Classes. That’s roughly the pattern your kid’s average school day follows, right? Well, according to an article in the New York Times, some schools are making a switch to the schedule, with noticeable results: Classes. Recess. Lunch. Classes.

Recess before lunch? Yep, you read right. The schools that have tried it so far say it leads to higher consumption of milk, fruits and veggies and less food waste at lunch (aren’t your kids ravenous when they come in from playing outside?), plus fewer visits to the school nurse and even a decrease in behavioral problems.

Makes sense to me. Think about it: Do you eat right before you exercise? And when I was a kid, I remember my mom telling me not to run around right after eating, or I’d get a tummy ache (she was right!) So why are kids being sent to recess right after they’ve eaten?

Plus, sending kids to recess after their batch of morning classes can let them burn off energy they’ve been bottling in- which’ll leave them hungrier for last night’s meatloaf in their lunchbox. Lunch can also be that much-needed cool down period between racing around the playground and sitting still at a desk.

Do you think this schedule would work better for your kids?