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Sex Week: Easy Way to Sneak in a Date


Have you and your hubs lost that lovin' feeling? (Between the cycle of diaper blowouts, never-ending laundry and fixing dinner, we get it.)

This week we're bringing sexy back with daily tips for heating up your post-baby marriage or relationship. Today: small ways to get that just-in-love feeling back. Try this:

Make a Lunch Date: The planning of date night—booking the sitter, dealing with teary goodbyes, finding the energy to stay up past dessert—can be overwhelming. Take the fuss out of the equation by making a plan to meet for lunch instead. If your kids are in school, childcare won't be a problem—and if they aren't, make a plan to swap kid duties with another mom for an hour or two.

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What's your favorite, small way to show your partner love? Tell us in the comments.