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Roasted Red Peppers: A Cooking Enterprise

Last night, I roasted red peppers to pamper myself during these lean times. The last time I tried to veer away from my peanut butter diet, I sustained a lasting potato-peeler wound trying to peel a butternut squash. As it turns out, they’re hard as rocks.

The peppers are much simpler. Just place them on a foil-covered sheet pan and into a pre-heated, 375-degree oven they go. I turned them every 20 minutes for even roasting. Because they take an hour, I was planning on using them in chickpea salad for the next day. While they roasted, I cooked, ate, and cleaned up a separate dinner.

Let me say, these are totally worth the effort. I felt like a gourmand, and the chickpea salad I used them in is delicious. Forgive the photo for looking like it was taken in the dankest of prison kitchens.

Roasted Red Peppers

I let them rest for 20 minutes before peeling off the charred skin and cleaning out the seeds. My house smelled like heaven the rest of the night.