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Rock out on Rock Band 2

What’s the point of this game? To Rock Your Heart Out!

Rock Band 2 works with all third-generation consoles, including Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. One to 4 players can rock the guitar (bass or lead), drums, or the mic. Hitting the right rhythms and singing the right notes (on cue) are the keys to advancing in the game. It's not as hard as it sounds though. Luckily, you can play on Easy Mode until you're ready to move on to Medium, Hard, or Expert.



I like how our band has to play gigs in our home town until we’ve gained enough fans to play at bigger venues. Then, when we have enough money, we travel around the world in our private jet, earning more fans until we become superstars.

I also like the new No Fail Mode feature. Even if you don't hit the right buttons, you still get a pass. My 5-year-old cousin and I play in this mode; it lets everyone play and just have fun! (And hey, if you or the kiddies end up liking an instrument, maybe it’s time to learn how to play it for real. I already want to get myself a guitar and start strumming.)

Check out these rocks stars to see how it’s done!