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The Roots, Wyclef, Colbie Caillat and More Share the Stage with Nick Jr. Characters




Some hip musicians have been on the kids' show Yo Gabba Gabba!, from the beat boxer Biz Markie to the Ting Tings, but now we know that the Roots are still the kings of rocking out--rocking out with a giant red cyclops and a dude in skinny pants, that is!

A unique TV show called the Nickelodeon Mega Music Fest, featuring preschool characters and serious music stars, was taped on Saturday in Brooklyn and will air on Nickelodeon this summer. It was all about unlikely duos: The Roots crew jammed with Yo Gabba Gabba, Wyclef Jean rocked out with Dora, and Colbie Caillet sang with Ni Hao Kai-Lan. It's too bizarre to miss.

Questlove was singing the praises of Gabba on the "orange carpet" before the show started. He said it was the most intelligent show out there for kids--and that he was nervous about bringing enough energy to the stage. "With a Gabba show, you gotta be on a 12 or 13 out of ten," said the drum-playing impresario.

After the Roots came correct with DJ Lance, Wyclef Jean took the stage with an all-kid band, including his daughter Angelina pounding on a drum, in a La Bamba rendition with an animated Dora on back up. Colbie Caillet did a feel-good duo with Ni Hao Kai-Lan that got plenty of kids in a tizzy. Nick's own Fresh Beat Band and folksy family music darling Laurie Berkner added a more traditional kid-music touch to the show.

John Leguizamo hosted, and, yes, he was as annoying, as expected. But he will get you pumped up for the gianormous musical finale. Check for show times in your area.