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Salon Offers Waxing Promo to Girls Under Fifteen

Uni K Wax

How old were you when you got your first wax? For me, I was certainly somewhere in my early twenties when I made that (very painful) trip to the salon. My mother wouldn’t even let me shave my legs before I was fourteen, so I’m certain that if I had told her I wanted a wax when I was in Middle School, she would have been aghast!

But one salon is targeting that exact age group by offering half-off on all waxing services to girls under fifteen-years-old, according to Buzzfeed. Based in New York and Florida, Uni K Wax is offering the promotion throughout the month of July in honor of Independence Day.

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“Celebrate Freedom and Independence,” reads the advertisement beside a photo of a bikini-clad, prepubescent girl jumping up and grinning. I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t think of freedom or independence when I’m getting waxed. Nor do I find it “pleasant,” which is another way the salon describes the first waxing experience.

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"At our centers, the daughters often come along and look at their mothers getting waxed and they have questions and they're not part of the fun and it just becomes a regular activity," said Carlos Calderon, the salon’s Director of Operations. "It's just another thing you have to do with Mom, like running errands or something else that becomes boring."

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A Uni K Wax statement also added that the promotion was aimed at parents, since they are the decision makers. "We want them to celebrate freedom and independence all July when they go out with their Moms and experience this waxing treatment," Calderon said. "It goes along with our country."

How old would your daughter have to be before she is allowed to get a wax?