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A hilarious carrot ad that might get your kid eating them

I have gone through some twisty thespian lengths to try to make my son D a good eater. Once, while he was busy hunting the M&M’s out of his trail mix, I loudly requested a cashew, because “I like it better than candy.” (Note: This did not work. “I like candy!” he reported back to me, as he stuffed another one in his gaw. “I really, really like candy!”)

So maybe that’s partly what makes me love these new, amped-up, X-treme sports, explosion-filled commercials for, yes, baby carrots so, so much. Hoping to appeal to kids, they’re tongue-in-cheek (“Eat 'em like junk food!” the announcer says) but on the other hand, well, just nakedly straightforward, pretty much begging kids to eat their veggies. Whether it works or not, I bet you’ll get a big kick out of it. After all, I bet you, like me, have been there.