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Santacon is Coming to Town!

Santacon 2008

This past Saturday, my co-worker NikkiM and I were among the nearly 3,000 people in Santa suits gathered in New York City for “Santacon” – a mass gathering of people who dress in Santa suits and spread holiday cheer by caroling, dancing, and bar-crawling from morning ‘till night. Santacon is celebrated all over the world, from Melbourne to Kalamazoo, Michigan. (Click here to find out when it's coming to your town.)

The Santas started the morning gathered near the Empire State Building, and then continued on to the first bar, where there was holiday music and an ongoing screening of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Santas in a Bar

Before long, when it was time for the Santas to be movin' along, an unknown leader started the Santa chant “Santa on the run! Santa on the run!”— which signaled us to bundle up, get outside, and follow the mass of Santas running down the street to the next destination. It continued on like this, bringing us all over Manhattan to bars and cool spots like Grand Central and Macy's. It’s hard to believe we all made it from bar to bar, none of us with any idea of where we were going, but miraculously, it worked.

While it was a crazy day of drinks and too many cookies and candy canes, it was totally worth it. My suggestion: treat yourself to a day of holiday insanity! Hire a sitter, go out with your girlfriends or your husband, and remind yourself that Christmas is for adults, too!