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Sasha and Malia Obama: Your New Babysitters?

Did you happen to catch President Obama’s latest interview about financial reform on Good Morning America?  He mentioned that he is trying to teach his daughters basic financial concepts and that they will soon be old enough to babysit to make a little extra cash.

Since Malia is 12 and Sasha is 9, my first thought is, whoa, they’re a little young, right? Then I remembered that these particular 12- and 9-year-olds have their own security detail, which could only be a good thing when things go south.  But, what age would a babysitter need to be for you to consider hiring him or her? Fifteen? Sixteen, so he or she is at least old enough to drive in case of an emergency?

The Red Crosses Babysitter training course (which I took, back in the day) is “designed for 11 to 15 year olds,” according to the  I remember the two rambunctious boys that I sat for when I was around 12 or 13 and it makes me cringe. I shamefully admit: I locked them in separate rooms… and they both climbed out the windows!

Is 12 just too young to babysit?