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Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade


Forty years ago today, the Supreme Court ruled that the right to terminate a pregnancy is a fundamental one under the Constitution, making abortion legal under federal law. It has since become one of the most divisive issues of our time, with little common ground between activists on either side.

Today, to mark the 40th anniversary, we’re sharing a series of personal essays that highlight mothers’ complex feelings surrounding abortion on both sides. Although we know this issue inspires very raw emotions, we share these in the hope that it will inspire understanding and promote respectful conversation.

Pro-Choice as an Act of Love
“The genetic counselor called us in to deliver the news of our son’s chromosomal disorder, which would present a series of major physical and emotional challenges and possible surgeries down the road. My husband and I agreed that life is difficult enough without being dealt a bum hand from conception." Read more.

Why I'm Pro-Life
"I say there's a God who calls us to protect life. Someone else says there's no spiritual component involved in scraping away a cluster of cells. Who's right? My view is this: How can anyone take the drastic measure of aborting a pregnancy without an airtight answer?" Read more.

Pro-Choice, But Not for Me
"Memories of the D&C came flooding back. I knew I couldn’t face it again--the pink-fluid jar, the ripped-off feeling, the psychic violence of it all." Read more