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American Airlines Will Only Gate-Check Certain Strollers Starting June 1

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Travel alert: If you’re flying American Airlines, and you push something other than a lightweight (under 20 lbs) umbrella or collapsible stroller, be advised that you will not be allowed to check it at the gate starting tomorrow, according to MSNBC. You can still check your larger stroller free of charge at the ticket counter, but you won’t be able to use it to ferry your kid, diaper bag, purse, carry-on etc. to the gate. For many traveling families who own a heavier model or one that does not collapse, this may mean purchasing a lightweight travel stroller, since anyone who’s flown with small children knows a stroller is essential for keeping your little jetsetters contained at a busy airport.
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Does this affect your summer travel plans? Would you buy a second stroller, or just deal with getting your kids to the gate without one?