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Are Halloween Costume With Weapons Okay?


Your kids are dying to dress up as policemen, or a swash-buckling pirates…but do you let them go all-out with toy guns and swords? has two developmental experts weigh in on this hot-button issue on their blog. Kathryn Snyder, and art therapist and licensed professional counselor, says fake weapons de-sensitize kids to the real thing, and hit too close to home for those who have been affected by gun violence.

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Christine Hoskins-Tardibone, a school counselor, says weapons can be appropriate. She stresses that guns have been in our lives always; we were exposed to them as kids, and we turned out alright. Also, would anyone really be alarmed by a 3-year-old packing obviously fake heat?

What’s the rule in your house: would you allow a costume that included a weapon? Leave a comment.