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Baby Born on Afghanistan Military Base


This birth story combines two elements that make it especially dramatic: another “I didn’t know I was pregnant” tale, plus a dangerous birthplace. Bonus: there’s a connection to British royalty too!

An unnamed female soldier has given birth at British military base Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, the same one where Prince Harry is stationed. The baby boy was born just four days after the camp was attacked by insurgents, leaving two Marines dead, and six jets destroyed. The base is located in one of the most dangerous parts of the country.

Plus: Mom Gives Birth in Airplane Bathroom

The military will not deploy pregnant women, and was unaware the rumored gunner was expecting. There are unconfirmed reports in the British media that the woman herself didn’t know she was pregnant. She conceived before shipping off.

Both mom and baby are in stable condition, and will be heading to the United Kingdom soon.