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Back-to-School Comments Contest Winners!

Polarn O. Pyret

Announcing the winners of the Back-to-School Comments Contest! Congratulations to the winners -- and thanks for the creative, funny, thoughtful comments. Winners have also been contacted via e-mail.

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Winning comment: What does your kid want to be when he or she grows up -- and why?
“When I asked my 2 1/2 year old SON what he wanted to be when he grew up to be a big boy like Daddy...He said PREGNANT!! I started laughing and asked why. He said ‘Mommy you are always letting me feel your belly and the baby kick, I want to let you feel mine.’ He will be the oldest of three this November, so he has seen me pregnant for two years straight. I guess we better have the birds and the bees talk sooner then later.”

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Winning comment: What’s your best tip for saving money on back-to-school supplies?
“My mommy friends and I buy one or two school supplies in bulk (online or through office supply stores) and then throw a Back-to-School playdate where our kids play while we divvy up the goods.  It's a great way to get some time with my friends while still taking care of my ‘mommy duties.’” 

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Winning comment: What’s your idea of a perfect day with your kids? Describe how you’d spend your dream day together.
“My perfect day would start with ALL of us sleeping in, then having pancakes for breakfast, and spending the day in the pool!  Afterwards, we'd have a cookout, have some nice relaxing baths.  We'd all read together and cuddle before bedtime! There would be no squabbling all day -- and they would do everything I asked them to do - the first time! After bedtime, the Housework Fairy would come and clean up from dinner and do the laundry and I'd wake up to a freshly cleaned house!”

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Winning comment:
What's the funniest joke your kid ever told you?
“My kids are really in to ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ jokes, although they rarely make sense!  The other day they actually came up with a few good ones after a visit with cousins.  My daughter asked:
Why did the rooster cross the road?  We asked why.  The answer is, to prove he wasn't chicken. 
The second was, Why did the turtle cross the road?  The answer is, to get to the shell station. 
Cute jokes I actually get and find funny from my little ones!"

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Winning comment:
What’s your best tip for making weekday mornings less hectic?
“Have the lunch boxes ready in the refrigerator is a must for me. Dealing with my daughters "fashion moods" ;o) became easy when I started to lay out three tops and three bottoms every night. In the morning she will pick one of the three without any fuss. I have control over what she is wearing and she still has her own choice. Third timesaver is to get out of the bed.. I leave my alarm clock in my bathroom, YES, in my bathroom ;o) When it goes off, I HAVE to get up and turn it off. Since I'm there already, I won’t get back in the bed and start getting ready.”