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Bernie Madoff’s Son Commits Suicide With 2-Year-Old in the House

The news of the suicide of Mark Madoff, Bernie Madoff’s son, this weekend on the second anniversary of his dad’s arrest for the largest Ponzi scheme in history was horrifying enough. But then we learned that he hung himself with his 2-year-old son  sleeping in a nearby bedroom. No one else was at home.

Although before his death Mark sent an e-mail asking for someone to check on his son, and his body was discovered before his son woke up, the little boy could have easily found his father (his other child was out of town). How could a 2-year-old process seeing his dead father hanging from a pipe in the living room? Not to mention his son would have been home alone, completely unsupervised. It’s hard to imagine the frame of mind that would lead to a parent doing that to their child. We hope, in time, his children can heal from this tragedy and leave this awful family legacy behind.