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Birthrate Hits 25-Year Low


Have you put off having more kids because of the poor economy? If so, you’re not alone. The rate of births in the United States is poised to hit its lowest point in 25 years, and isn’t expected to rebound for at least two years, according to Demographic Intelligence, a company that produces quarterly birth forecasts for consumer products and pharmaceutical companies that market to pregnant and new moms.

While the average woman had 2.12 births in 2007, Demographic Intelligence estimates the rate to hit 1.87 this year and 1.86 next year—the lowest since 1987. The decline is particularly seen in twentysomethings, who might be having trouble finding steady work and still living with their parents instead of starting their own families. A later start could translate into fewer children later as fertility declines with age. Hispanics and the less educated have also seen a large dip in birthrate.

In order to keep the population steady, the birth rate must be 2.1 children per woman. A declining population could mean not enough young people to take care of the aging later.

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