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Boy Gives Prize Money to Sick Neighbor


If your kid won $1,000, what would he do with it? One very big-hearted 8-year-old boy decided to give it to his neighbors, who are grappling with their daughter’s cancer diagnosis.

Illinois boy Wyatt Erber is best friends with neighbor Connor Kielty, whose 2-year-old sister Cara has been diagnosed with leukemia. "Cara's always nice to me, so I'm nice back," Wyatt told local paper The Telegraph

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So when Wyatt and his mom heard about a scavenger hunt arranged by local bank First Clover Leaf, they decided to try to win for Cara. They performed internet research and drove around town to find the answers to 20 clues, and were the first to finish.  

The Kieltys were reluctant to take the money, but Wyatt and his family insisted. "I didn't know what I would do with $1,000," Wyatt said. "But I knew what (the Kieltys) could do with it. I knew they weren't getting a lot of work done, because they were taking care of Cara all the time." The bank president made the cheque presentation to Wyatt, and then he promptly handed it to the Kieltys.

Cara, who is undergoing chemotherapy, has been given a 90 to 93 percent cure rate by doctors, although she'll be in treatment for the next two and a half years.

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