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Boy Writes Local Paper to Get his Stolen Bike Back

Ten-year-old Culley Larson’s most prized possession is his BMX bike, which he takes out every weekend to race on dirt trails. That’s why the little boy from Albert Lea, Minnesota, was so devastated when someone stole it from his parents’ garage (robbing a child – who does that?).
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So Larson wrote a letter to his local paper, the Albert Lea Tribune, asking parents to keep an eye out for his bike. The letter is heartbreakingly sweet in its honesty, explaining that losing his ride is like an adult losing their car, and offering a reward from his savings:
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I know other kids get their bikes stolen. I have read it myself in the newspaper. I am hoping my letter will not only help me, but maybe help other kids also get their bikes back. I hope 10 other kids also get their bikes back. If they do we can have a celebration and call it “get your bike back day.” It would be the best day ever!
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Now Yahoo! Shine has taken up his cause, and is asking parents around the internet to help Larson get his bike back. It’s a Haro Pro Race bike with a black frame and white seat and white handle bars, similar to the one pictured above.
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Good luck on getting your bike back, Culley!