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Boys Defend Sisters With Down Syndrome in Viral Video


The Hollis family of Illinois woke up one morning to a horrific sight: their home had been vandalized with hate speech. “RETARD” and “Get outta here” had been spray-painted on the side of their house—all because the family’s two daughters, Meg and Alina, have Down Syndrome.

Instead of retreating in fear, the Hollis family decided to take their story public by uploading a video to Everyone Matters, a grassroots “Don’t Judge” campaign supported by Paul McCartney, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and others. The family’s brothers, ages 6 and 7, created this sweet homage to their sisters with some adult help. If the earnest looks on their faces don’t make you tear up, their message of open-mindedness and hope will.

Watch (have yourself a good cry) – and then pass it on!