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Cabin Fever Rx: Get-Off-the-Couch Games

Stephanie Rausser

Kids overdosing on TV? If your family’s stuck inside due to cold weather, kids can still burn off energy with these active games that can be played indoors. Bonus: you can join in to burn off some post-holiday calories too.

Turbo-charged Storytime: Choose a word that will be repeated often ("green," for instance, if you're reading Green Eggs and Ham) and have your child stand up or sit down each time he hears it.

Crab Carry: Show your child how to walk like a crab: hands and feet on the floor, stomach facing up. Once he can do it, give him a goal. He can balance some beanbags on his belly and move across a marked finish line, or gather some wayward toys and move them to his room. 

Monster Mirror: Take the classic game of Mirror to gigantic proportions. Have two monsters (aka kids) face each other and mirror each other's movements. Of course, monsters will use BIG motions, with their arms and legs fully extended.

Plus: 15 other active games to try!