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Celebrity Sperm for Sale


UPDATE: Ooops -- they got us! It turns out Fame Daddy is a hoax. The whole thing is actually a promotional stunt for a new yet-to-be-named comedy series in England. Good one, guys!

Sure, we've joked about wanting Ryan Gosling to be the father of our children, but we didn’t know something like that was actually an option.

Now is-this-for-real? British sperm bank Fame Daddy is billing itself as the world’s first celebrity sperm donor service. For the equivalent of about $25,000, soon you will be able to choose swimmers from an Olympic gold medalist, a star soccer player or an Oscar winner, among others. All donors are considered “top-flight” and leaders in their field. You can even take a quiz to see which donor is right for you. Yes, we’re dying to know who actually donated sperm too, but the identity of your baby’s biological dad won’t be revealed until their 18th birthday.

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