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Charlie Sheen: Worst Dad Ever?

Update: Sheen's twins were removed from his home overnight after his ex-wife Brooke Mueller filed a restraining order against him.

Entertaining as some of his delusional and non-sensical rants may be, I can’t help but think about the fact that Charlie Sheen is a dad to five children. One is grown, and two live with their mother, Sheen’s ex-wife, Denise Richards. Hopefully they are being shielded from the public antics of their father. But almost 2-year-old twin sons Bob and Max, appear to be living under his roof, along with their mom, ex-wife Brooke Mueller (also struggling with addiction), and Sheen’s two girlfriends, one of whom is a porn star. He claims everyone who lives in the house is parenting them together.  I can’t see how that type of environment could possibly be healthy for two small children.

Sheen has also dropped these nuggets of parental wisdom in interviews over the last few days:

On explaining his lifestyle: "I can say, 'Hey kids, your dad's a rock star,' 'Look at his experiences. Look at what he survived.' Bang. There are some of your lessons."

On teaching right and wrong:You know, lead by example and teach your kids right and wrong and if my right and my wrong is a little bit different than everybody else’s, then my kids are gonna be a little bit different, too.  Well, they’re already different. They’re my kids, duh.”

On setting an example: “I think it’s the Pandora’s box thing, like don’t eat candy, then at the 1st birthday party they’re havin’ a frickin’ brain tumor cuz they ate 7,000 red vines.  Cuz they never tasted it before, like, ‘my God, this has been on the planet all this time?’  No man, don’t hide your children from stuff.”

On his kids wanting to try alcohol and drugs: “I would strongly recommend against it, but if he wants to try a beer, do it here. At least he’s not driving around like some clown. Like some amateur.”

Can Sheen possibly recover and be a good parent to his kids, or do you think he’s so toxic they’d be better off if he wasn’t in their lives?