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Coping with Daylight Savings Time


Remember when falling back meant a delicious extra hour of sleep? Once you become a parent, Daylight Savings means sleep schedules thrown off-kilter and grumpy, tired kids. My kids were up about 90 minutes early this morning (not too bad, considering last year the extra hour had one of them waking up at 4am). But then my preschool-age son fell asleep on the way to art class…at 9:30am. It’s a long time until bedtime.
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How did you family fare? If your kids are thrown off, here are a few tips to get everyone back to normal:

Shift your child's bedtime bit by bit. It’s great to do it even before Daylight Savings occurs, (remember that for next time) but if your kid’s conking out at 7pm when they usually go to bed at 8, keep them up until 7:20 tonight, and then 7:40 tomorrow. In a few days, they’ll be able to stay up without a problem.
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Stick to your current daytime routine. Continue to have your child's meals, snacks, naps, bedtimes, everything, at the same time as you did before you turned back your clock.

Expose your child to bright light first thing in the morning (the indoor kind works) to reprogram her internal clock faster.