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Couple Lets Internet Vote on If They Should Abort

Could this really be true? A Minneapolis couple named Pete and Alisha are letting the internet decide if they should keep or abort their baby. Yes, deciding whether or not to become parents comes down not to serious soul-searching but to an internet poll. Although the poll lets you weigh in multiple times, Pete says he will weeds out multiple votes to in order to make it a true representation of how readers feel.

Why in the world would someone let total strangers make such a deeply personal decision? Says Pete:

“The whole point here is to let people have a real way to voice your opinion on the topic of abortion and have it actually make a difference in the real world.  By voting on whether to continue or abort an actual pregnancy, you are doing so much more then simply telling an elected representative your feelings.  You are actually changing something in the real world.”

As the voting continues, the couple posts sonogram shots and tidbits about what’s going on inside the womb, now that Alisha is almost 17 weeks. They plan to wait until the last possible moment to decide; according to the laws in their state, December 9th is the last day they could go through with the procedure. The couple told Gawker that the poll will influence their decision heavily but won’t be binding.

Should a decision like this ever be put to a public vote? Do you think this is really a prank?