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CPSC Asking Window Blind Manufacturers to Eliminate Risk from Cords


Do you have window blind cords in your home? Since hanging cords are responsible for about one child death a month, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has asked manufacturers to come up with a way to eliminate the risks from them or face mandatory regulations, according to the New York Times.
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The blinds industry has offered new safety features and worked to educate parents on babyproofing techniques, but critics say it is not enough to eliminate the hazard altogether. Cordless blinds have been on the market for some time, but can cost as much as twice as much as traditional blinds, a cost that many consumers will balk at.
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Manufacturers say it’s unrealistic to expect companies to shield kids from all hazards, and urges parents to buy cordless blinds. But the CPSC task force is pushing the industry take more responsibility and to find more cost-effective safety solutions too, like retractable or covered cords. The industry is expected to present new, safer options in the fall.
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Do you have blind cords in your home? Would you pay more for safer cordless blinds?