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Dad With 11 Kids by 10 Moms Gets Reality Show


Rapper Shawty Lo is not only slick with the rhymes but the ladies too. In his upcoming Oxygen reality show “All My Babies’ Mamas,” cameras follow him as he navigates baby mama drama as a dad to 11 kids by 10 mothers (yep, you read that right). 

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Lo claims he’s a good, present dad, and in an interview with MTV, says he takes care of his kids financially. He also says he’s on good terms with all the moms except one. In fact, one even handles his finances. 

Growing up in Atlanta, Lo’s mother was a drug addict, and his family was absent. He became a drug dealer to make ends meet, and was a millionaire by age 21.

"Even if you ain't got the money, you gotta be a father to your child. You need to be in your child's life, 'cause that means a lot to them," he told MTV. "Comin' up, we didn't have Thanksgiving, we didn't have Christmas, but if I had my father there, if I even had my mother there, I probably wouldn't have been that person I was in the streets." 

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Some are calling for a boycott of the show, saying that Lo shouldn’t benefit financially for exploiting his children. Will you watch the show? Leave a comment.