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Dads Feel Work-Life Struggle Too

Good news, kind of: several new studies reveal that more dads than ever are feeling the stress of trying to juggle career and family. While dads are pulling more weight at home, their work places haven’t necessarily caught up. Dads might feel subtle discrimination when they ask for time off to deal with sick kids or ped appointments, and often don’t take advantage of  benefits like family leave and and flex time.

And the good news would be? This might all mean that parents are doing a better job sharing the work of raising children. From the The New York Times:

“Men are facing the same clash of social ideals that women have faced since the 1970s — how do you be a good parent and a good worker?” said Joan C. Williams, the director of the Center for WorkLife Law at the Hastings College of the Law at the University of California. “This is a pretty sensitive indicator of the rise of the new ideal of the good father as a nurturing father, not just a provider father.”

For those in two-income households, does this ring true? Do Mom and Dad struggle equally with the juggle?