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Dangerously Big Babies?

How big? is the one of the first questions we ask about a new baby, right after inquiring about the gender and the name. But is the ideal of a big, strong, healthy baby with chipmunk cheeks and chunky thighs all wrong? Are babies getting too large for their own good?

A segment on the Today show went into the health risks of large newborns, defined at 9.5 pounds or larger, for both babies and moms. Gestational diabetes, diabetes for mom, time in the NICU and increased risk for obesity are some of the health problems linked to jumbo babes. The reason many newborns get so big in the first place? The moms-to-be are obese themselves.

I delivered a 9lb 2ouncer at 39 weeks. The OB’s first words upon seeing her: “She’s ginourmous!” I am not overweight, but big babies run in my family (my mom had two babies even bigger than that.) It was a rough delivery that ended in an emergency C-section, but other than that, we’ve had no health issues related to her large size. But because of my first large baby, I was told to gain even less weight than the recommended 25-35 pounds, and had extra diabetes screenings during my second pregnancy.

How much did your baby weight at birth, and has he had any health issues related to his size? If he was big, were you overweight when you got pregnant, or gain more than the recommended amount during pregnancy?