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Do Tween Girls Need Makeup and Anti-aging Products?

Geo Girl

My daughter, two months shy of 6, is already clamoring for my beauty products but I tell her she’s perfect as is, because it’s true. Recently I noticed her face was dry, so I gave her Cetaphil, and she slathered it on with such reverence and ritual you would have thought it was La Mer.
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So I know young girls are interested in make-up, but what’s the right age to actually let them wear it? Walmart has introduced a cosmetics line called geoGirl aimed at kids ages 8 to 12. The line also includes exfoliating and anti-aging (!) skincare products.
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At what age did your daughter start wearing makeup? Do you think it’s ok for 8-year-old girls to wear blush, mascara and eye shadow and have a skincare regimen?