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Do You Throw Out Kid Art?

Any parent of a preschooler knows the stream of artistic “masterpieces” coming home each day can get overwhelming fast. A recent piece in The New York Times explored the various approaches parents take to dealing with the masses of paper coming home in the backpack, and how that reveals their parenting style. Do you make a big deal about every potential Picasso, or are you ruthless about trashing all but the best drawings?
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My own approach is to save my favorites, hanging them on the fridge or on clothespins strung across the wall of my daughter’s room. The rest I quietly recycle. But I totally get busted all the time, and then act like I don’t understand how that pretty picture got in there. What? I’m not Tiger Mom.
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 Do you keep kiddie art, or throw it away? Do you find something nice to say about every creation, or do you reserve praise for only the best ones?