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Do You Want to Know About Baby Milestones You’re Missing?

Alexandra Grablewski

I missed my son’s first steps because I was at work.

I saw him wobble through a few steps and took the requisite video when I got home (still a first for me if not for him). There have been dozens of milestones that I have been there for since, so today it doesn’t feel like that much of a loss. But at the time, I wrote a Facebook status about being devastated I’d missed it.
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A recent post in The Juggle poses this intriguing question: do you want to know about what you’re missing at home, or is ignorance bliss? In other words, if a “first” happens while your child’s at daycare or with a babysitter, would you rather they not tell you so you can feel you were there?
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As for me, my sitter told. Although it hurt to hear, the genuine look of delight and pride on her face made me feel very good about the person looking after my child. Have you ever missed a major milestone? Did you wish your caregiver hadn’t told you?