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Does Paralyzed Mom Have a Right to See Her Kids?

On the day Abbie Dorn gave birth to her triplets, the doctor performing her C-section accidentally nicked her uterus. Before doctors could stem the bleeding, her heart stopped beating, a defibrillator they used malfunctioned, and her brain was deprived of oxygen. She ended up paralyzed and unable to speak, although she can communicate by blinking her eyes.
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Now her ex-husband, Dan, who is raising the kids as a single parent, is embroiled in a legal dispute with Abbie’s parents, who want the triplets to visit their mother regularly. They care for her in their Myrtle Beach home and manage her nearly $8 million malpractice settlement. They believe that she can feel emotions, and has expressed a desire to see her kids. Dan contends that seeing their mother traumatizes the children. Abbie has not seen her children since their birth, aside from one recent 4-day visit that both sides agree went well. However, Dan still thinks it’s too rough on the kids to deal with their mother’s condition. A judge is expected to settle the case shortly.
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What do you think? Would you want your children to see you in a semi-vegetative state?