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Is Elizabeth Hurley’s Line of Kid Bikinis Too Sexy?

Courtesy Elizabeth Hurlery

Would you want your little girl hitting the beach in a leopard-print string bikini? Elizabeth Hurley thinks you might, which is why she’s come out with a line of kids’ swimsuits that some say are way too sexy for the target ages: under 8, and 8 to 13 (the style here is called the Mini Cha Cha and comes in sizes 8 and under). In fact, many of the designs are mini versions of actress’s skimpy adult designs.

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Do bikinis sexualize little kids? Jessica Simpson incited internet outrage recently when she shared a photo of 4-month-old daughter Maxwell wearing a yellow crocheted number. As a mom of a daughter, I can tell you that two-pieces are practical and make diaper changes and potty training much easier. But there’s a wide range of style choices, from more modest surf suits to itsy bitsy bikinis.

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