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Father-Daughter Dances Banned After Single Mom Complains


A school district in Rhode Island has banned father-daughter dances and mother-son baseball games after a single mom filed a complaint with the local branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The mother said events like these exclude her daughter, who does not have a dad or father figure on her life to take her to the dance.

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The ACLU took it a step farther, saying those events are not only exclusionary but sexist. "I think when schools tell girls 'You love dances' and boys 'You love baseball games,' I think that is going too far," Rhode Island ACLU executive director Steven Brown said to a local radio station. "That is the whole point of having laws and policies to say public schools should not be the business of really encouraging such blatant stereotypes about what girls like and what boys like." 

However, some parents are up in arms over the breaking of what they feel is a tradition and a chance for parents and kids to take time out to bond.

Would you support a ban? If you’re a single parent, how do you handle events like these? Leave a comment .