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Girl Elected to Homecoming Court…as a Joke


How can kids be so cruel? Quiet Michigan high school sophomore Whitney Kropp was surprised to find she’d been voted by her classmates to homecoming court, where she has the chance to be crowned queen. Having been picked on at school, she figured she would never be considered, that such things were only for the popular kids.

Plus: Dad Gets Restraining Order on Bully

When she caught other students laughing and pointing at her in the hallways, and her male counterpart pulled out, she realized the truth: her selection had been a sick prank by other students. Her worst fears were confirmed with bullying over Facebook.

To her credit, Kropp is still attending the dance, with a boyfriend who’s been supportive during her ordeal. The town has also rallied around her, providing free salon services, a gown and dinner for her night out. A local resident also started a Facebook support page, which has drawn support and shared stories from around the world.

Plus: Meet the Bully Buster

“I’m excited to go because I can prove everyone wrong and say, you know, I’m not this joke that you guys thought of,” Kropp told NBC News. “You guys doing this has made me stronger and I’ve got more self-esteem than what I had."