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Governor Signs Bill to Prevent Circumcision Bans


California Governor Jerry brown has signed a bill that prevents local governments from passing bans on circumcision. You may remember there was an effort late last year to make circumcision a crime in San Francisco, followed by a lawsuit from a group of physicians, Jews and Muslims, who argued that local governments cannot restrict medical procedures. The ban was later blocked by a judge on the basis of religious freedom. The new bill, which goes into effect immediately, prevents such ballot measures from happening at the city government level.
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Many new parents view circumcision as a sacred religious rite, while others make the decision to circumcise based on studies that have linked it to a decrease in AIDS and HPV transmission. However, there is a growing and passionate group of circumcision foes (who often call themselves “intactivists”) who characterize the procedure as genital mutilation and call it barbaric.
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