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Halloween Canceled? Here’s How to Cope


If you’re on the eastern seaboard, you might be dealing with some very disappointed kids today, as civic Halloween celebrations are canceled and postponed and leaders caution families to trick-or-treat at their own risk.

No, it won’t be the same, but you can still save Halloween with some of these ideas for indoor fun. And hey, after what you’ve been through, you deserve to go hog-wild on the candy stash.

Halloween games: Keep them busy with Balloon Sweep, Mummy Wrap, and more

Games to play in the dark: Power still out? These games get a little spooky played by candlelight.

Halloween crafts from household items: Raid the recycling bin for the materials to make TP tube monsters or the milk carton haunted house

Halloween fun facts: Impress your kids with this spooky trivia

Happy Halloween, everyone!