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Healthier Halloween Candy

Courtesy Unreal

It’s not exactly the healthiest time of year, what with so many bowls of candy within arm’s reach. But while sweets are never going to be good for you, there is a better-for-you alternative this year: Unreal Candy

This new line of sweets, manufactured to imitate faves like M&Ms, Milky Way, Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, is made with without corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, artificial ingredients, GMOs, and preservatives. There’s less sugar too. We tried it, and while it doesn’t taste exactly like the real thing, it taste delicious and kids won’t know the difference. And the side-by-side nutritional comparison speaks for itself, although to be fair, serving sizes are a bit smaller.

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The idea for the company began with an argument between a teenager and his dad. When founder Michael Bronner confiscated his son’s Halloween candy haul because it was so unhealthy, 13-year-old Nicky set out to prove to his dad that candy wasn’t all that bad. But after some internet research, he realized he couldn’t make his case. Nicky wanted to know why candy couldn’t be made with healthier ingredients, and his dad and brother Kris joined him to find out if it could.

Unreal can already be found at 30,000 grocery stores and drugstores across the country, and will be available in Target soon. They retail for a suggested price of $.89 to $1.29.

Check out this video that shows where the ingredients are sourced, and celebs like Giselle Bundchen, Tom Brady, John Legend and Matt Damon chowing down on it.