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How to Capture a Great Christmas Card Photo

It’s that time of year again; show off your kidsI mean, holiday phototime! Have you gotten that perfect shot yet?

Our sister publication Popular Photography interviewed eight photojournalists from around the country to get their best tips for getting great photos of your family. They all suggest going for a candid rather than a posed shot; candids feel less artificial, and capture unique expressions that go a long way toward revealing who your kids are. And if you have small kids like I do, one of which refuses to stay still for less than .3 seconds, candids might be your only option anyway.

Other secrets: opt for natural light over flash, and don’t be afraid to get into weird positions to get good angles. Get the rest of their genius tips—and check out the candid that I chose for my Christmas card!

What tricks do you use to get great photos of your kids?