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Kidnapped Baby Reunited With Family 23 Years Later

The Today Show

Have you heard the incredible story of Carlina White? In 1987, at just 19 days old, Carlina was admitted to Harlem Hospital with a fever but then snatched by someone disguised as a nurse.

23 years later, Carlina, now named Nejdra Nance, had a feeling she wasn’t quite like the other people in her family. The woman she knew as her mom—who reportedly abused her—could not produce a birth certificate. So she contacted the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and they found a baby photo that looked just like her own. She called her biological mom, Joy White, and with the help of the NYPD and some genetic testing, it was determined that Nejdra was, in fact, Carlina White!

Carlina has been joyously reunited with her birth parents. As for the woman who claimed to be her mom, it’s unclear what lies ahead for her.