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Mom Markets Water to Kids


It’s hard for good old-fashioned water to compete with the likes of Sofia Vergara shilling for Pepsi and those adorable polar bears from the Coke commercials. Sure, water hydrates and flushes out toxins, but does it make that cool hissing sound when you open a bottle of it? Is it sweet and fizzy? No wonder many parents have a hard time getting their kids to drink enough H2O.

To help curb kids’ consumption of sugary drinks and combat water’s boring rep, Mom Rose Cameron, a former ad exec, decided to create bottled water specifically marketed to kids. She formed a focus group of her sons plus some friends, who helped come up with the name WAT-AHH! and designed the bottles too. The playful web site features funny cartoon vignettes with funky music playing in the background. The 5 varieties (body, brain, energy, power and pH+) have the allure of sports drinks but with no sugar added. 

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The company started out with 5 interns in 2008 but has grown to 30 employees today. WAT-AHH! is available nationwide at GNC, Whole Foods and Kroger, among others. Check here to find out where it’s available in your area.

Do you have a hard time getting your kid to drink enough water? Do you think WAT-AHH! would appeal? Leave a comment.