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Labor and Delivery: What They Didn’t Tell You

There’s a bit of a secret sisterhood among women who’ve given birth. When a woman who hasn’t been through it asks what it’s like, you’re torn. Give a few details, but sugarcoat it so you don’t accidentally act as birth control? Or tell it like it is and hope they can handle the truth?

If you are pregnant and squeamish about giving birth, you might want to avert your eyes. But if you feel like knowledge is power, and want to know what labor and delivery’s really like, we’re asking moms to give it to us straight on our boards and in the comments. What do you wish you’d known going in? Our favorite answer so far:

Hemorrhoids the size of golf balls from pushing, when the head is crowning it feels like someone is taking a blow torch to your privates, and oh yes -- blood clots the size of your fist.

How’s that for honest? Ok, moms, lay it on us.