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Man Goes on All Breast Milk Diet

You’ve heard breast milk called the perfect food and liquid gold. One couple believes so strongly in the nutritional value of breast milk, and the tragedy of wasting it that the husband is going on an all-breast milk diet in order to use up his wife’s copious frozen supply. He’s writing about the experience on the blog Don’t Have a Cow, Man—kind of like Morgan Spurlock in Supersize Me, except with mama’s milk instead of Big Macs.

Here’s the backstory: Doula, childbirth educator, and lactation educator Katie has three children, all born prematurely. To keep up her supply while they were in the NICU, she pumped every two hours, resulting in an overabundance of breast milk, so much so that she needed to buy extra deep freezers just to house it. She breastfed her first two children well into toddlerhood, is still nursing her third, and uses the breast milk as a cure-all for ear infections and eye irritations, but there’s still plenty left over (see for yourself; that’s her stash in the photo). After the birth of her first two children, she was able to donate the surplus via milk banks and private arrangements. This time, however, she can’t find a match that will work for various reasons. To boot, the family’s moving out of state soon, and it will be too expensive to transport the milk.

So rather than dump it, her husband Curtis is going to drink it. Here are the rules:

Nothing to eat or drink except breast milk.
Blog daily about how I am feeling and how it is going.
See how many days I can make it without other food.

For his height and weight, he needs about 2,000 calories a day, which works out to about 66 ounces of breast milk.

Bottoms up, buddy. We’ll be reading to see how your unusual liquid diet goes.

Have you ever tried breast milk? If you had a surplus, what did you do with it?

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