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Mom and Dad Diagnosed With Advanced Cancer…Within 9 Days of Each Other

Some families seem to face more than their fair share of tragedy, but this story might take the cake. Brooklyn parents Nathan and Elisa Bond were both diagnosed with advanced cancer within 9 days of each other. First dad Nathan, 38, was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. Doctors give him a 60% chance of living five years or longer. Nine days later, mom Elisa, 36, got the results of a breast biopsy: Stage 4 cancer considered incurable. The most heartbreaking detail of all: Nathan and Elisa have an 18-month-old daughter, Sadie, and her future seems full of heartache.
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The couple is no longer able to work, and spend their days undergoing chemotherapy treatments that leave them nauseous and tired. Friends have put together a web site to help raise money for medical treatments not covered by insurance. The couple is also keeping a blog to chronicle how they are coping, as well as share stories about their daughter.
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Speaking of daughters, mine will getting extra hugs today.