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Mommy and Me Pedicures

Gwen Stefani made headlines recently when she was photographed getting a pedicure with son Kingston. I love that Gwen’s the kind of mom to take her son to the spa, and that Kingston’s the kind of kid who sports brightly colored tootsies. But is this a fun way to bond -- or are we letting our kids experience the trappings of being a grown-up way before they actually are?

I sometimes get a pedicure with my 5-year-old daughter, and I have to say I feel kind of funny about it. It’s not that it’s expensive -- it’s just $5 for kids at my local nail place, and not much more for me (mani/pedis are the one thing that’s cheaper in NYC than in the rest of the country). And it gives us a chance to sit and chat with no little brothers around. But I don’t like the idea of a kindergartener thinking she needs – and deserves -- to get her nails done. I didn’t get a manicure until I was in high school, and even then it was a special treat before a big dance. So I try not to do it too often, sticking to less-than-perfect home paint jobs. But sometimes mama’s toes need to be polished, and it’s just easier to combine QT with a beauty errand.

Do you take your daughter (or son!) with you to get manis/pedis? Do you see kiddie spa treatments as the dawn of the apocalypse?