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Moms of Boys: Do You Dread Your Son Getting Married?

The bond between mothers and their sons is something extraordinary. My 2-year-old son Julian has me so whipped I actually daydream about him when we’re apart, like a lovesick schoolgirl. Sometimes I dread him growing up and losing his sweet little boyishness. I always tease him that he’s still my little baby, but he just laughs and says, “Mommy, now I a boy.”

Plus: Who’s Harder to Raise—Boys or Girls?

Blogger Jenny Isenman of The Suburban Jungle isn’t just worried about her son growing up, she’s already resenting his hypothetical future wife. As she writes on The Huffington Post:

Let's be honest: he may be 5 now, but before we know it, he'll be shaving, and driving, and then he'll leave us to go to college somewhere cold. Then he'll get married and move to be near her mother, because that's what girls make boys do: move near their mothers! Then he'll be a father, and then one fine holiday he'll have "wifey" call us to cancel our plans. Then he'll try to make up for it by sending one of those Harry & David gift baskets filled with pears, because he'll remember that we love pears, but they'll be bruised -- like our hearts.

Read the rest of her essay for her hilarious "MIL-nup" requirements.

Do you find it especially hard to let go of your little boy? Do you imagine yourself having tough time with him getting married some day?