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More Breastfeeding Words of Wisdom from Kim Kardashian

Photo by Flickr user bdhg, CC Licensed

For a woman who’s not nursing -- or even a mom -- Kim Kardashian sure has a lot of opinions about breastfeeding!

First Kardashian tweeted about being disgusted by a woman nursing in a restaurant without a cover. Now reports that in the September issue of Allure, Kardashian says she is planning to breastfeed, but only for 6 months, since “they say that after a year, there's no nutrients.” I don’t care how long she plans to nurse -- totally her choice -- but where is she getting her information about the health benefits of extended nursing? We get ours from Dr. Sears, who says:

“The most fascinating studies show that the longer and more frequently a mom nurses her baby, the smarter her child is likely to become. The brain grows more during the first two years of life than any other time, nearly tripling in size from birth to two years of age. It's clearly a crucial time for brain development, and the intellectual advantage breastfed babies enjoy is attributed to the "smart fats" unique to mom's breast milk (namely, omega-3 fatty acid, also known as DHA). From head to toe, babies who breastfeed for extended periods of time are healthier overall.”

We’re psyched a celebrity is promoting breastfeeding (here are some other celebs who’ve shared their experiences with nursing), but let’s make sure the facts are out there.