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New TV Series on Adoption: Will You Watch?

One of the most compelling storylines on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant and then Teen Mom is Catelynn and Tyler’s decision to place their daughter, Carly, up for adoption. While Carly and her adoptive family are shown occasionally, the show mainly focuses on the gut-wrenching decision’s roller coaster aftermath.

Plus: Will You Watch Honey Boo Boo’s New Show?

Now the new documentary mini-series I’m Having Their Baby is dedicating an entire show to the birth parent perspective by following pregnant women who have chosen to adopt. The subjects range from pregnant teens to moms who just don’t think they can handle another child. In the latest episode, airing Monday, 17-year-old Mercedes is madly in love with her boyfriend, but wants to break the cycle of teen motherhood that started with her grandmother and then her mom.

Check out this exclusive clip from the next episode, and then tell us: will you watch? Leave a comment.

I’m Having Their Baby airs on Mondays at 11 p.m. E/P on Oxygen.